The best cleaning product you will ever use!It kills germs & really cleans deep.Vinegar is effective against a variety of bacterias,viruses & mold.

Please shake before use & if a stain is extra tough-let sit for 5 minutes or so.

Organic vinegar,organic lemon & orange peels,hydrogen pyroxide,water(berkey filtered) & a special essential oil blend made to disinfect.

Safe for the whole family!!!

16 oz


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  • A cleaning product does not have to be toxic & chemical filled to really clean.We have carefully crafted CLEAN to really kill germs and deeply clean  your home(or car,or office) without the side effects that come with most chemical filled products.You can use clean on anything & everything in your home(toilets,showers etc)It's all you need.The only downside is you will go thru it so quickly becuase you will LOVE it.If you are local you can refill bottle for $2 off price.

  • If you are not satified with any product-please ship back & we will refund you.